Do you remember the tale of the Ugly Duckling?
This tale reminds me of my life, or rather, my inner transformation.
Right now, I'm feeling like a graceful swan, but I vividly recall what it's like to be that awkward duckling!

My journey of self-transformation began with the search for harmony and self-love for my body, which eventually led me to bodybuilding, where I have taken first, second, and third-place victories.

But a sense of SELF-WORTH was not part of the package! Even as I changed my body and saw astonishing results, my self-worth was still missing. Sure, I gained self-confidence, yet self-worth remained a distant goal.

Every time during or between competitions or amid long breaks when motivation faded, my default mode kicked in – low self-worth, and as a result, I looked for an escape route! People often tend to compensate for things in various ways. In my case, it was constant overeating, alcohol, and, most importantly, a profound emptiness...
After a while, I delved into psychology, subconscious exploration, and various practices. This journey spanned years, and I believe I'll be doing it always, even many years from now.

Now, I can definitively state, "what's within me is what's reflected outside!" Our core self-perception attracts people alike and certain events into our lives. Your reality's like a mirror for what's deep down.

Self-worth is the baseline feeling derived from the love of our parents. If we haven't received it and fail to address it, we'll grapple with it throughout life.

Studying psychology and coaching largely altered my life. Today, people from my "past" hardly recognize me and are amazed by my transformation. Thus, I confidently affirm that coaching works, and thanks to having experienced the ugly duckling phase, I precisely understand how to help women completely change their lives.

Right now, I'm living an entirely conscious life, helping women in discovering themselves, gaining self-confidence, harmony, and self-worth. ☝

If you're eager to elevate your quality of life, stop searching "out there" and start seeking "within." I'm here to assist you on this journey.

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